Auto Alarm - Thou Shalt Not Steal!

Auto Alarm application can be used with Turbo Motion/Turbo Motion 2 and allows to detect the car/bike/whatever motion and tilt. It provides SMS commands for control of the 13 I/O that can be connected to other sensors, aircon, fuel control, etc. With Turbo Motion 2 it is possible to connect GPS receiver via serial RS232 interface.
File PINS.txt with pins description is included.

Status: Version 1.9.27, ready for public usage.

PDF doc: User Guide.

Note: Application is preloaded in Turbo Motion 2.

License: Application is distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Download: autoalarm-1.9.27.tar.gz contains source code. Older version: autoalarm-1.9.26.tar.gz.

History (main changes, see ChangeLog for more)

  • Output for daily charger disconnecting
  • Turbo Motion 2 support, GPS, more languages, etc.
  • French language support
  • SMS commands for alarm activation/deactivation ON/OFF.
  • Norwegian language support
  • Configurable measurement interval
  • Demo measurement mode
  • Repeated Alarm SMS sending
  • TSMS and AA Locate application - when used together with Turbo Adapter with memory card location information can be converted to address
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