• brings ISO 14443 contactless (RFID, NFC card) interface to virtually all mobile phones
  • is equipped with NXP Semiconductors strong secure element recognized by financial industry (payment cards) and goverment bodies (identity cards and biometric passports)
  • is ideal for contactless mobile payment systems, transportation and identity solutions
  • is independent on operators and allows free deployment of mobile contactless systems without mobile operator cooperation. Works with any SIM or USIM card
  • is real plug and play device, no need to install any application software in mobile phone. Utilizing SIM Toolkit it is well integrated into phone user interface
  • comes with new improved Turbo SIM operating system v2.0 with enhanced security and application management
  • secure element complies with JavaCard 2.2.1, Global Platform 2.1.1 and includes hardware crypto co-processor for Triple-DES, PKI RSA, ECC and hashing methods
  • supports ISO/IEC 14443-4A and MIFARE protocols
  • offers design for easy integration of other ISO 14443 secure elements (Calypso, FeliCa) following regional and customer needs
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  • Mobile phone accessory, can be used in any SIM Toolkit enabled mobile phone
  • Comes with Pager v2 application preloaded - remote SMS control and measurement
  • 2+2 opto-isolated inputs and outputs for easy sensors/controls connection
  • Additional 13 inputs or outputs, 4 of them usable as analog inputs, Turbo Lite compatible
  • Turbo Adapter compatible ports, I2C, SPI interfaces
  • Open application development
  • Debugging interface, usable for SIM-ME communication tracing
  • Best price solution for GSM remote control and measurement

  • Mobile phone accessory
  • Auto Alarm application preloaded - movement and tilt detection with the included accelerometer
  • 2+2 opto-isolated inputs and outputs
  • Additional 13 inputs or outputs - possibility to connect central locking, sensors, immobiliser and other alarms
  • Exact location from GPS receiver connected via RS232 interface
  • Control via simple SMS commands
  • Warning SMS on more numbers, rights management available
  • Easy to configure on mobile phone display
  • No in-car installation needed, both for cars and motorbikes
  • Best price solution for vehicle security

Turbo SIM
  • Revolutionary new product for SIM Toolkit based mobile applications deployment
  • Brings applications to every GSM mobile phone produced since 1998
  • Allows businesses and service providers to implement solutions without depending on operators and device vendors
  • Is inserted into the mobile phone together with operator SIM, only small piece of SIM card plastic is cut off
  • 100% application compatible with Turbo SIM Toolkit Adapter family and developers can use the same free and open source development tools

  • Hardware and software application development
  • Memory card and SIM card management
  • Turbo firmware upgrade
  • BRUM 802.15.4 application development

Turbo BRA
  • Bladox Radio Architecture
  • 802.15.4 2.4GHz radio for mobile phones, ZigBee optional
  • SIM Toolkit wireless API
  • Proximity marketing and payment systems
  • Home automation, sensor networks management, 802.15.4-GSM gateway
  • Open, free application development
  • 1.1mm thin, smaller than 2 SIM cards, flexible, fits into most phones

Turbo BRUM
  • Bladox Radio Universal Module
  • 802.15.4/BRA 2.4GHz wireless module
  • Atmega128 and CC2420 based
  • Standalone battery powered operation
  • Turbo like loadable applications
  • Bootloader - upgradable kernel

Turbo Mini
  • Independent SIM Toolkit application deployment
  • Easy to develop SIM Toolkit applications
  • Payment and banking systems
  • Call control, alternative call routing and callback systems
  • Open, free application development
  • Tiny, 1.1mm thin, flexible, fits into almost all phones

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