Tracing the communication between SIM and mobile phone

Turbo Lite 2 with Turbo Progammer 2 provide poweful tool for tracing the SIM-Mobile Equipment communication.

What you need:
SIM-ME Communication Tracing Kit is available in our e-shop.

To check if you have Turbo Lite 2 with L1 debug kernel see Menu - Turbo - Setup - About. If there is no "Turbo Debug-L1" label then reflash your Turbo Lite 2 with debug kernel.

Tracing the communication:
  1. Connect Turbo Programmer 2 to USB cable and wait until the RUN LED is on
  2. Connect Turbo Lite 2 with inserted SIM to the phone
  3. Insert Turbo Lite 2 into the long card edge connector on the Turbo Programmer 2
  4. Go to turbo-prog-utils/bin-linux-ia32 or turbo-prog-utils/bin-win32 folder
  5. Run the dbg command with required parameters

  6. Linux: Windows:
    bin-linux-ia32]# ./dbg
    bin-win32>dbg.exe -d com7

  7. Start the phone

You can save the output to the log.txt file adding the "| tee log.txt" command.

Linux: Windows:
bin-linux-ia32]# ./dbg 2>&1 | tee log.txt
bin-win32>dbg.exe -d com7 | tee log.txt

If you get "Cannot open application turboadapter.trb" then update your programmer.

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