Fake SIM - One number is not enough

Application Fake SIM allows to emulate more SIM cards in one mobile phone and to easily switch between them without switching of the phone.

Compared to dual SIM adapters user can access all the data stored on the inserted SIM card - i.e. has only one phone book, SMS list, etc.

Compared to cloned multi-SIM cards with more numbers user can still use SIM Toolkit applications stored on SIM card, i.e. GSM banking remains available. čísly.

The number of SIM cards stored is limited only by the available memory, there can be tens of them.

The authentication algorithm implemented is COMP128.

Status: Aplication is alpha, version is 0.1.0. It is possible to select between more IMSI. More testing necessary.

Note: Aplication is not distributed with Turbo, available on web only.

License: Application is distributed by the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Download: Package fakesim-0.1.1.tar.gz contains compiled application and all the source code.

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