Locinfo - Where is everybody?

Aplication Locinfo provides cell-id localization of users with turbo equipped phone, e.g. childen, cars, partners, etc.

Locinfo is client-server application, client asks via SMS the server about its location information. The SMS answer is compared with the list of cells stored on the memory card and readable location is given to the user. The cell-id list (memory card) can be in only one turbo, the located turbo can be without memory card to minimize cost.

It is also possible to locate self without sending any SMS, i.e. it does not cost any money for the SMS. The cell seeing gives the way new dimension, very pretty.

Users can control access to the location information. It is based on phone number and can allow access to only selected users or permit or prohibit everybody.

The cell-id list is available only for some operators, in some countries it is required to be public, in some countries it is colected by enthusiasts.

Status: Application is in version 1.0.1 and ready to public usage.

Note: Application is not part of standard distribution, it is available on web only.

License: Application is licensed by GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Download: Package locinfo-1.0.1.tar.gz contains compiled application, all source code, utility for cell-id list preparation and data for Eurotel, T-Mobile, Oskar as available on (there can be found links on the other operator cell-id lists on this web).

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