Procsms - All about SMS

Application procsms is used for text messages handling. It contains:
  • SMS Archive - application for storage and management of text messages on memory card. It provides unlimited folder structure and phone number based rules for automatic SMS storage in the folders. On 2MB memory card there is space for about 7000 messages, on 8MB for about 28000 messages.
  • Crypted SMS - communication via strongly encrypted messages, 128 bit Twofish cipher in CBC mode is used. Application provides key management and key to phone number association.
  • Masked SMS - substitution of visible text with other text - mask. It is possible to mask only selected phone numbers.
  • On Display - sending message on display of recipient's mobile phone
As of 1.2.4 there is also support for AES/CTR encryption.

Status: Version 1.2.4 released, application is ready to public usage.

License: Application is distributed under the terms of GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Download: Package procsms-1.2.4.tar.gz contains compiled application and source code. Older version: procsms-1.0.2.tar.gz.

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