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Turbo Programmer 2 Reference Documentation


This document is a work in progress. As such, it may contain incorrect information. If you find a mistake, please send an email to the describing the mistake. Also, send us an email if you find that a specific topic is missing from the document. The latest version of this document is always available from

This is the Developer Documentation. There is also Turbo Programmer 2 Datasheet available in PDF on our site, i.e. It includes schematics and other hardware related information that is too big to include in this document.

Turbo Programmer 2 Features

What is it good for?


Turbo Programmer 2

Turbo Programmer 2 is much more than just a programmer, the name is historical and was chosen because the device has been developed for Turbo SIM Toolkit Adapter development.

Turbo Programmer 2 is USB (FTDI chip) devel kit/board equipped with Atmel ATmega128, 256KB extra SRAM, several connectors with full MCU interfaces and connectors for SIM and MMC cards. Further there is a card edge connector for Turbo Adapter family devices.

What makes Turbo Programmer 2 interesting is the firmware, esp. the support for relocatable applications (sometimes called modules) and mechanism of actions. The mechanism of relocatable applications allows to upload just the relocatable code that is linked to the free space by the operating system. Hence it is possible to upload and remove application on the fly without reseting MCU and without flashing the whole MCU memory. The development is faster and easier that standard .hex flashing or bootloader. And it is possible to have more applications in memory and to work on more projects simultaneously.

The bootloader is provided as well and user can reflash the firmware (but loader memory section).

This documentation contains several chapters, notably:

API Reference

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